The Swedish Migration Agency: More Afghans will be allowed to stay


Published 30 November 2021 at 17.46

Domestic. A new legal position from the Swedish Migration Agency means that Afghans with deportation decisions will be able to apply for asylum again.

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– The change in Afghanistan has happened quickly and there is a lot that is uncertain going forward. It is difficult to know how the Taliban will act and how the security situation will develop in the long run. The new legal position is affected by the recent rapid changes and the uncertain situation, says the Swedish Migration Board's legal director Carl Bexelius.

The new position defines “particularly vulnerable groups” in Afghanistan. “LGBTQI people”, journalists, “human rights activists” and people who worked for the previous government in Afghanistan or for foreign missions or organizations are classified as risk groups, writes Swedish Radio.

Internal flight is no longer an option for people from Afghanistan, except in exceptional cases, according to the Swedish Migration Board.

– The risk groups are more, more people have the right to a new trial, and only in clear exceptional cases will there be a question of internal flight, says Carl Bexelius.

< p> Opens “safety valve”
According to the Swedish Migration Board, the changed situation for “human rights” and the limited opportunities for internal flight constitute such a new circumstance that asylum seekers who already have an expulsion decision can be granted a new trial of

– The Aliens Act has a safety valve that allows people with a decision to refuse to have their cases re-examined in cases where drastic changes occur in the home which affects their situation. Recent developments in Afghanistan are a clear example of such a situation for which the law exists, says Carl Bexelius.