Study: Neither culture, discrimination nor “socio-economic factors” explain blacks' low IQ


Published 1 December 2021 at 15.05

Home page. A new study from the USA shows that intelligence & shy; the difference between blacks and whites remains basically unchanged even when socio-economic status is taken into account. Nor does culture or so-called discrimination seem to affect the differences.

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The study, conducted by John G.R. Fuerst at the Ulster Institute for Social Research and published in the scientific journal The Mankind Quarterly, shows a clear link between results on cognitive intelligence tests and African genes.

The more African genetic good a person has, the worse he performs. on the intelligence test.

This relationship is well known in the past, but left-liberals have argued that the differences may be due to environmental factors such as “discrimination”, socio-economic factors or culture.

But when Fuerst tests these hypotheses the result is disappointing.

It turns out that the differences remain in principle completely unchanged when dividing the participants in the study into groups of people with high socio-economic status and low socio-economic status, respectively.

When When it comes to culture, Fuerst examines whether the result is affected by the fact that some identify themselves as Latin Americans and others do not. But despite the great cultural differences between so-called Hispanics and others, the clear genetic intelligence differences between blacks and whites remain here as well. . In all cases, the former link between intelligence and African genes remains as strong as ever.