Nearly 10,000 have registered the vaccine passport


Published 1 December 2021 at 17.02

Domestic. The Ombudsman, JO, has received 9,100 reports against the introduction of the new vaccination certificate, reports Nya Dagbladet.

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The number of reports against the vaccine passport corresponds to what the Ombudsman usually receives in total for a whole year.

– There have been approximately 9,000 complaints. We usually get in about 10,000 a year and now 9,000 have come in in about two weeks, says Erik Nymansson, Chief Justice Ombudsman, to Swedish Radio.

JO has had a hard time dealing with the large influx of reports, which among other things, led to the authority's IT system crashing.

When the Ombudsman's first decision on vaccine passports can come, it is difficult to say, according to Erik Nymansson, but the large number of reports can, according to him, delay the decision.

– We probably want to get an overview of what the complaints contain. Unfortunately, there is probably a risk that the more complaints that come in, the longer it takes before we can make a decision, he says.

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