MSB report paints compulsory vaccination as “conspiracy theory”


Published December 1, 2021 at 17:36

Domestic. That the population should be forcibly vaccinated was described as a proud conspiracy theory in the authority MSB's report in April. But now the conspiracy seems to exist in the highest degree in reality, reports Folkungen.

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  • Vill forcibly vaccinate the whole EU
  • New left-wing government wants to forcibly vaccinate all of Germany

In the report “Conspiracy theories and covid-19”, the authority MSB described how misinformation is spread about the corona pandemic and vaccine.

The report has been written by the the high-ranking Freemason and left-wing academic Andreas Önnerfors, who is described in the media as an “expert on conspiracy theories” about, among other things, Freemasons. In the report, a large part of the references consist of texts written by Önnerfors himself.

Among other things, the idea that the virus originated in a Chinese lab was stamped as a conspiracy theory whose purpose was to “blame and point out scapegoats”. Shortly after the report was published, however, leading figures, such as US President Joe Biden, began to open up about the virus actually being created in a Wuhan laboratory.

The MSB report also described the “conspiracy theory” that the plan was to “let the corrupt 'big pharma' forcibly vaccinate the world population and thereby enrich itself”.

“The theory was presented in a controversial quasi-documentary, Plandemic, which was spread virally on the internet”, it continues./p>

That there would be plans to forcibly vaccinate the population can now be described as a fact. Compulsory compulsory vaccination is planned in both Germany and Austria, and today the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, declared that it was time to consider introducing compulsory vaccination throughout the EU. WHO European Commissioner Robb Butler has also called for mandatory vaccination in Europe.