Mercedes, agreement with Factorial Energy for solid state batteries


In addition to Hyundai-Kia and Stellantis, Mercedes has also decided to join collaboration agreement with Factorial Energy for the development of solid state batteries . The announcement is interesting because & eacute; is putting more and more highlight this company & agrave; based in Woburn, Massachusetts, of which very little was known until recently. Given the announcements involving major car manufacturers, sar & agrave; It is very interesting to follow the progress of the development of the technology that has made to bring these new batteries to electric cars.

The agreement between Mercedes and Factorial Energy is very similar to the one signed with Stellantis. Also in this case & egrave; a strategic investment is planned by the German manufacturer in this company. There are, however, two interesting details. The first relates to the automaker's goal to integrate solid-state battery technology into a limited number of vehicles as part of a small series, within the next five years .

Furthermore, following the investment, Mercedes has obtained the right to appoint a its representative on the board of directors of Factorial Energy. Recall that Factorial has developed a proprietary technology called FEST (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology) which uses a solid electrolytic material capable of guaranteeing safe and reliable performance.

This technology & egrave; was applied with positive results on 40 Ah cells. On paper, it will be; It is possible to make batteries capable of offering an autonomy from 20% to 50% more; per recharge. All without an increase in costs also given the possibility; to produce the new cells using most of the existing equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

Lately there have been a number of announcements regarding the development of solid-state batteries with various car manufacturers who are investing in this direction. On paper, this technology can making electric cars take a very important leap forward. Over the next few years we will see if these new batteries will actually be able to offer what today is; still only & quot; theory & quot ;.

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