Lying with Aftonbladet manager – got an interview in the newspaper


Published December 1, 2021 at 07.30

Media. A manager at Aftonbladet with “high tailgating” in press ethics issues uses his mistresses as sources, writes Stoppa Pressarna. One of the mistresses is said to have prepared a place for a gossip interview where she had to blackmail a person anonymously, according to the site.

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“What does not appear from the interview is that the woman is one of the media manager's mistresses. They both had sex with each other in the woman's apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm. At the same time, she is portrayed as a 'neutral' person in Aftonbladet's controversial publication “, writes Stoppa Pressarna.

According to the journalists' association's press ethics rules, journalists may not receive assignments, invitations, gifts, free travel or other benefits – nor agreements or other connections – if they can damage confidence in their position as a free and independent journalist.

The mistress has also appeared in several other Aftonbladet articles over the years and then often been interviewed as an “expert”, according to Stoppa Pressarna.