Indie App Santa advent calendar launched with free apps and games


Indie App Santa 2021 Advent Calendar

The idea of ​​an advent calendar is simple: between December 1 and 24 you can open a different box every day. If you did not receive an advent calendar from your loved one or did not buy one yourself, this is a great alternative. Every 24 hours there is a different app to download, for free or with a big discount. The promotion has been around for a few years and helps small, independent developers get some extra publicity. There are three ways to check out the latest present: via the website, the dedicated Indie App Santa app, or by following @IndieAppSanta on Twitter.

Please note that these types of promotions are always temporary. If you read this article a day after the publication date, you will find another app in the advent calendar.

Free today: Blackbox
Blackbox kicks off on December 1st. This is a special game, which has already won an Apple Design Award and normally costs €4.99. So nice to have. The developer of Blackbox is Ryan McLeod, who continues to actively develop the game and is always busy coming up with new challenges. Blackbox's tagline is that frustration is redefined. Do you think you are smart? Prove it.

In the App Store, the creator describes the game like this:

So you think you understand the thing you're holding in your hands? I do not think so! Stop tapping. Stop dragging. Better yet, stop touching the screen altogether. To solve the puzzles of Blackbox you need peace and solitude, you have to climb mountains, ask friends for help, become one with the cosmos and think outside the box.

You get minimal visual hints to solve the puzzles. It is the intention that you switch on the sound, because this provides an extra layer of experience. There are easter eggs in it, you have to think around a corner and leave the usual way of using your smartphone behind. Apple's editorial team wrote this article about it in the App Store. Nice to try and currently completely free. Later advent gifts from Indie App Santa may be partially paid for, but you'll get a big discount.