Formula E, Gen3 is coming. New details on the electric single-seater


The ninth season of Formula E will see; the debut of the third generation of electric single-seaters . On paper, Gen3 should allow this series to make an important leap forward as it will be; more fast, light, powerful and efficient of the current generation.

The Gen3 is; was presented under strict confidentiality conditions to an exclusive group of constructors, teams, drivers and Formula E partners in Valencia, Spain, where the pre-season tests for Season 8 are underway. At the same time, was disseminated some teasers that allow you to observe some details of the design of the new electric single-seater. In addition, more details of the new Gen3 have also been shared.


The teasers of the new single-seater allow us to observe how the aerodynamics have been further taken to the extreme with a design that & egrave; was inspired by the aero delta wing of a fighter. Formula E and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) wanted to greatly emphasize the concept of efficiency . In fact, at least 40% of the energy used in a race will be; produced by the regenerative braking performed during the race (today we are on 30-35%).

The Gen3 will be able to & agrave; count on two electric motors, one on the front axle (250 kW but only for regenerative braking) and one on the rear (350 kW). Combining them, it will be; It is possible to obtain regeneration up to 600 kW . This single-seater, according to what was communicated, can reach a speed maximum speed of 320 km/h .

Thanks to the addition of the front power unit and the sophisticated braking energy recovery system, the new single-seater will not have & agrave; of rear hydraulic brakes . The Gen3 & egrave; even more & ugrave; light and small of the Gen2 but precise details have not been provided on these points.

Furthermore, the Gen3 is; the first single-seater aligned with the principle of & quot; Life Cycle Thinking & quot; with a clear path to the reuse and end of life of tires, broken parts and battery cells. In particular, all broken carbon fiber parts will be recycled through an innovative process of the aviation and aerospace industry into new reusable fibers for other uses.

The tires, on the other hand, will be made from 26% sustainable materials. All suppliers will be required to comply with strict sustainability performance, in particular by achieving the & quot; FIA 3 Environmental Accreditation & quot; certification by Season 9. All this work will allow; the new single-seaters to have zero impact in terms of CO2 emissions, allowing Formula E to maintain the status of the first zero-impact motorsport championship. Jean Todt , president of the FIA, commented:

The new Formula E Gen3 single-seater is; a car created thanks to the fusion of high performance, efficiency and sustainability. The work carried out by the FIA ​​and Formula E teams tirelessly promotes the goal of driving innovation and promoting the development of mobility; sustainable since the launch of the discipline eight seasons ago. I have no doubt that this new single-seater will carry; Formula E to the next level.

Jamie Reigle , CEO of Formula E, added:

In designing the # 39; car Gen3, we wanted to show that high performance, efficiency and sustainability; they can coexist without compromise. Together with the FIA, we have built the most high-performance racing car efficient and sustainable in the world. The Gen3 & egrave; our most popular single-seater; fast, light, powerful and efficient than ever. & Egrave; a creature designed for its habitat: running on the streets of the city & agrave; in thrilling wheel-to-wheel duels. We can't wait to see her inspire and excite the next generation of motorsport fans in the cities. from all over the world from Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

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