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BMW i7, here it is in action on the snows of Sweden


BMW shared the first official photos of the i7 , its future electric flagship . The car in the images obviously appears still camouflaged and intent on the classic winter tests on the snows of Sweden. The tests carried out in extreme climatic conditions are used to test the mechanics of the car. In this specific case, they also allow you to test the electric motor and batteries at extremely low temperatures.

The most important thing; interesting, for & ograve ;, & egrave; that the German manufacturer has declared that the BMW i7 will have; of a fifth generation eDrive . Although recently it has been speculated of a possible variant even with 3 electric motors, currently, the fifth generation eDrive is; featured on the iX electric SUV. This SUV & egrave; proposed in two versions with a powertrain always equipped with two electric motors with powers up to 370 kW/500 HP. We already know, however, that it will come in the future; an even more version; performing.

The BMW i7 will adopt & agrave; these powertrain? Possible, but to find out you need to & agrave; wait for new information to arrive. The presentation would be expected in the mid & agrave; of 2022 with the marketing that could begin towards the end of the year or at the beginning of 2023.

On the design front, the BMW i7, as we already had; got to see thanks to some spy photos, it will be & agrave; very similar to the next generation BMW 7 Series. This is not surprising since will share; the same platform used for endothermic models.

A very different choice from that made by Mercedes, for example, which for its EQS (VIDEO) has decided to use a dedicated platform for electric cars only. And with the EQS the BMW i7 will enter & agrave; in direct competition once on the market. The new 7 Series, as well as with endothermic engines, will be; pure offer with unit & agrave; Plug-in.

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