BMW Concept XM, high-performance SUV with 750 HP V8 Plug-in


BMW has chosen the appointment of Art Basel 2021 in Miami Beach to present the 39; highly anticipated Concept XM . It is, as the name implies, a concept car that anticipates the shapes and contents of the BMW XM, a high-performance Plug-in SUV designed directly by the M division of the German brand.

The series model will be; built starting from the end of 2022 at the Spartanburg plant in the United States. The BMW XM & egrave; a new project, started from a blank sheet. In fact, this high-performance SUV does not derive from any model already; existing of the German car manufacturer. The BMW XM will be; offered exclusively with the powertrain Plug-in. The German manufacturer did not share a lot of information about the car. Certainly, more details will be communicated in the next few months.


Over the past few weeks, some teasers have allowed us to take a first look at the car. Teasers that had allowed us to guess that it would have a particular look, especially in front. The concept confirms first impressions. The front, very massive, also anticipates some contents that we will probably see on future premium models of the German brand. BMW says the headlights have been split into two separate modules to help achieve a more refined look. aggressive and captivating.

Affects the large double kidney horizontal development characterized by the presence of a luminous frame. The large air intakes make it clear that under the hood is; there is a particularly powerful engine. Up front, on the roof, there are additional lights which, however, should not remain on the production model.

The rear of the car is; was developed to accentuate the sporty look of this SUV. The wide diffuser stands out in particularand the 4 terms of discharge. The rear light clusters, very thin, have an L-shape. Behind it is also better noticeable the particular very inclined roof line to improve aerodynamics. The SUV features 23-inch alloy wheels. We also find the typical M rear-view mirrors and the battery charging flap near the left front wheel mudguard.

BMW Concept XM & egrave; an SUV that tries to raise the bar of luxury. You can see it well from the interiors where quality materials have been used such as brown leather upholstery . The German brand carefully designed the rear seats. The goal was to create a refined atmosphere typical of a living room. Behind, passengers can sit on a large and comfortable & quot; sofa & quot; covered in quilted velvet.

Obviously & egrave; also present the latest generation technology seen on the most popular models; recent manufacturer. We find, for example, a large panel containing the instrumentation and infotainment displays that uses the new iDrive 8 platform.


Unfortunately, BMW hasn't said much about the powertrain. Under the hood we find a twin-turbo petrol V8 combined with an electric engine. The brand has only made it known that there is a total of 550 kW/750 hp with 1,000 Nm of torque available. In mode only electric, the SUV will be & agrave; able to travel up to 80 km. The capacity of the battery is not been declared, but given the mass of the SUV it is possible to assume that it is around 20-30 kWh. It will be very interesting to discover the performance given the numbers of the powertrain.

All that remains is to wait for more information on the development of the series model.

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