Aston Martin V12 Vantage, the sound of the final edition. It arrives in 2022


Aston Martin has confirmed that in 2022 will return & agrave; the V12 Vantage . It will not be of a special edition but of a & # 39; final edition . The British car manufacturer did not share any images or technical details of this new supercar but yes & egrave; limited to sharing a short movie in which & egrave; You can hear the sound of the thruster.

The version with the V12 engine will go to flank the one with the unit & agrave; V8. Since it is a final edition, it is; It is possible that the current Vantage is nearing the end of its glorious career. Indeed, in the past there was talk of the fact that from 2025 it could be replaced by a coup & eacute; sports car with electric motor. A Plug-in model is also being studied. On the heir of the Vantage there will be certainly a lot of time to learn more. In the meantime we will be able to appreciate the arrival of this new model equipped with a V12 whose sound already has; says a lot .

Although Aston Martin has not disclosed details on the engine, it should be the twin-turbo V12 already; used by the brand on some of its models such as on the V12 Speedster. A unit, therefore, which could come to express around 700 CV. From this point of view we will surely know more; when the constructor will share; more information about this model.

Speaking of design, the V12 model should have some differences with the one equipped with the V8 engine. Past spy photos had highlighted a Vantage with a different front grille and more air intakes; large , and characterized by the presence of a bulge in the engine hood. All clues that had made us think of the presence of a more propeller; great.

This could be one of the latest models for Aston Martin to feature a V12, both because of its electrification plans and issues related to new pollutant emissions standards.

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