Wants to become president – to stop the exchange of people


Published 30 November 2021 at 16.02

Abroad. Right-winger and journalist Eric Zemmour has now officially announced that he will run in the French presidential election. He states that he wants to stop the ongoing exchange of people in the country, where the French are replaced by third world peoples.

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Eric Zemmour challenges Marine Le Pen from the right before the presidential election in France this spring.

In a 10-minute video posted on Youtube, the 63-year-old now officially announces that he is running as a presidential candidate.

In the video, Zemmour addresses French people who no longer feel at home in their own country, while film clips with immigrant chaos are played.

– You feel that you do not you are no longer in the country you grew up in. You remember the country your parents described to you, the country you find in movies and in books, he says.

In the video, Eric Zemmour describes a “third & shy “world & shy; ifiering” of France and how those in power have consistently fought those who opposed development.

– For decades, our rulers both, to the right and to the left, have led us on this deadly path of decline and decadence . The right and the left have lied to you and signified the seriousness of the situation. They have obscured the reality of population change.

A compilation of opinion polls showed before Zemmour went public with his candidacy that he would get 14 percent of the vote in a presidential election, compared to Emmanuel Macron (24 percent) and Marine Le Pen (18 percent).

Immigration policy opinion is thus divided, but only the two most popular candidates will face each other in the last round of the presidential election.

Eric Zemmour will hold his first election rally in Paris on Sunday, and attendance is expected to be high.