Tesla may be providing new details on upcoming models soon


Tesla should start building the highly anticipated Cybertruck electric pickup at end of 2022 to then reach a mass production in the course of 2023. The list of those who have pre-ordered this vehicle is; very long and of course there & # 39; & egrave; who would like the car manufacturer to provide more information on the start of production as the pickup's debut is been postponed more times.

Apparently, there may be some news soon. which could shed more light on the roadmap of this model. Elon Musk , in fact, through his account on Twitter, responding to some users who asked for an update on this model, he made it known that during the appointment in which we will discuss & agrave; of the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2021, will share; an update of the product roadmap.

So, & egrave; it is probable that we will finally know something more & ugrave; on the development of the pickup and its putting into production. The message could also suggest that Musk can take advantage of this opportunity to reveal some more details; also on the debut of the other models Tesla is working on such as the electric truck and the new Roadster.

However, in the same message, Tesla's CEO also highlighted how the chip crisis was a real “ nightmare ''. A problem that, for & ograve ;, is not; still been fixed . Claims that we hope are not linked to new problems for the production of future models. A few weeks ago, Musk said that it would not have been possible for his company to produce additional models in volume if two major obstacles had not been overcome. One of these was precisely the problem of the supply of semiconductors.

Sar & agrave; therefore very interesting to find out what Elon Musk will have; to say. In fact, in July, the CEO had stated that he would no longer have it. attended the appointments on the results of the quarterly unless he had something important to communicate.

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