Sonos Sub mini: new subwoofer leaked via its own app


Sonos Sub mini leaked

Sonos often leaks something via the Sonos Controller app for iPhone with which you can control the speaker system. The Sonos Beam soundbar, which was not yet officially announced at the time, came to light in April 2018, which is now ready for a second generation. Now there's another secret out there: the Sonos Controller app features a new subwoofer called ‘Sonos Sub mini’ is called. A Reddit user accidentally came across it while browsing the app and tapping the link to learn more. When installing a second Sonos Sub, something that has been possible since the end of 2020, the Sonos Controller suddenly also showed a new type of Sonos Sub. The app reports that the Sub mini is not yet supported, while this is a product that has not yet been announced.

Three generations of the regular Sonos Sub have now appeared, which always had the shape of a large rectangular block. The smaller version seems to have a slightly different appearance: it is cylindrical. What the new subwoofer will look like is still a mystery, as no images are available. Nothing is known yet about the price, release date and specs, but there is a good chance that we can expect an announcement soon.

audio system is popular because of the audio system the quality of the sound and the ease with which you can add new speakers to your multi-room system. Sonos also works with many audio services. Sonos recently announced the second generation of the Beam (a speaker for under the TV) and the portable mini speaker Sonos Roam. This is a cheaper and easier to move variant of the Sonos Move, which you can use to listen to music on the go.

The price of the Sonos Sub mini will probably be a lot lower than that of the current Sonos Sub, which is available in stores for around 700-800 euros. At the time of writing ‘ie at HifiKlubben is the cheapest (€768,-).