Preliminary investigation for sexual harassment against S-minister


Published 30 November 2021 at 11.58

Domestic. Magdalena Andersson announced today that Tomas Eneroth will continue to be trusted as a minister in the new government. At the same time, the prosecutor is initiating a preliminary investigation against Eneroth for sexual harassment.

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The background is that Tomas Eneroth is accused of taking a woman by the ass during the Social Democrats' congress in Gothenburg.

Chief prosecutor Maria Sterup at the Special Prosecutor's Office has now initiated a preliminary investigation into sexual harassment.

Since the suspicions are directed at a minister, the case is being handled at the Special Prosecutor's Office.

– I am initiating a preliminary investigation in order to be able to gather additional material and information in order to assess whether what has happened may be question of crime, says prosecutor Maria Sterup in a press release.

According to the prosecutor, there is no further information to provide at present.