New Twitter CEO wants to “focus less on freedom of speech”


Published November 30, 2021 at 1:38 pm

Media. Indian Parag Agrawal, who will be Twitter's new CEO, has said he wants to see “less focus on freedom of speech”. He has also equated white people with so-called racists, reports the National File.

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Twitter has been criticized in recent years for its massive censorship of people on the political right wing.

Jack Dorsey, who announced on Monday that he is resigning as CEO of Twitter, has received his fair share of the blame for development.

But his successor – the Indian Parag Agrawal – does not seem to be a direct supporter of free speech either.

In November 2020, Parag Agrawal had the role of Chief Technology Officer for Twitter. He then stated in an interview with Technology Review that he thinks it is important to “focus less on thinking about freedom of speech” because “times have changed” and “disinformation” is spreading.

National File also has drew attention to a Twitter post written by Parag Agrawal in 2010, in which he equates white people with “racists”.

racists “, he wrote.