Genesis G90 2022, the new flagship aims to challenge the Germans


Genesis unveiled the exterior design of the second generation of its flagship G90 , a premium model that aims to compete with the flagships of German brands such as the BMW 7 Series, the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A8. With the G90, Genesis plans to “expand its presence in the luxury sedan market not just in Korea, but around the world.” However, it appears that, at the moment, there are no plans to bring the sedan into the European market.

much more when the car company will bring; officially debut this new vehicle.

PREMIUM MODEL Since Genesis itself & egrave; limited to showing the exterior of her new flagship, we know nothing of the technical specifications of her. Even for those, you will need to & agrave; wait for. The new sedan will be; proposed also in a long wheelbase version (190 mm more) which will allow; to have more space on board, to the benefit of comfort while traveling.

In terms of design, the new G90 closely resembles the G80 model . The front, in particular, has several elements that recall the more Genesis models; recent, starting with the large grille. Very particular are the front light clusters with a sharp design and positioned on two levels. The overall design has sleek lines and is very elegant.

Unfortunately, the automaker did not share interior images. Since we are talking about a flagship, luxury finishes will surely be present. Obviously, technology should not be missing starting from digital instrumentation and a latest generation connected infotainment.

As mentioned, no details & egrave; been communicated regarding the engines. However, the current generation can count on a 3.3 liter turbo V6, a 3.8 liter naturally aspirated V6 and a 5 liter naturally aspirated V8. The new model, at least from the first details, seems to have what it takes to challenge the German flagships. Too bad it doesn't arrive in Europe.

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