Collects money for the BLM terrorist


Published November 30, 2021 at 07.12

Abroad. Representatives of a left-wing organization are accused of trying to raise money to pay bail to Darrel Brooks, who is in custody for the attack on the Christmas parade in Waukesha in the USA.

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Julattacken i Waukesha

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When the anti-white BLM rapper Darrel Brooks ran into a Christmas parade in Waukesha a week ago and killed at least six white people, including an 8-year-old boy, he had recently been set free.

This despite the fact that he was then investigated for a number of other crimes, including another car attack the week before.

The organization The Bail Project (TBP) had on November 19, a few days before the terrorist attack, paid Darrel Brooks bail of 1,000 dollars.

The Bail Project is dedicated to raising money to pay bail to African criminals around the United States. But the organization does not seem to be done with Darrel Brooks yet – but is accused of raising money for him again.

On the fundraising site Go Fund Me, a Holly Zoller has started a fundraiser for The Bail Project in the area where the Christmas parade act was committed. The goal of the fundraiser was five million dollars – the same amount that needs to be paid in bail to set Darrel Brooks free again.

Holly Zoller is listed as an employee of The Bail Project on the organization's website.

The fundraiser has now been taken down from Go Fund Me, reports RT, like another fundraiser that explicitly aimed to raise money to pay Brooks' bail and described him as a victim of the “racist justice system”.

The Bail Project writes in an email to RT that the organization has no connection to the fundraiser and that they do not raise money for Darrel Brooks. However, it is not denied that it is really his own employee Holly Zoller who started the collection.

The incident has been brought to the attention of the Swedish right-wing profile Daniel Friberg.