Can be excluded from SD for “right-wing extremist myth” that whites are murdered in South Africa


Published 29 November 2021 at 19.20

Abroad. An SD member was hanged at the Expo for spreading “the right-wing extremist myth that whites are being systematically murdered in South Africa”. Because of the Expo article, he will now be investigated by the party's so-called membership committee.

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Since the blacks took over political power in South Africa in 1994, thousands of brutal murders of white farmers have taken place in the country.

These are black bullies who often use bestial and sexualized violence against their victims, including the children.

Sweden Democrat Jonatan Lindgren, local politician in Bollnäs, has written about the situation in South Africa on Twitter, something that has led to the point that he has now been hanged by the far-left Expo.

“White South Africans get their land stolen, are beaten, raped and murdered and expelled from the country they lived in for 500 years. All the while MSM (mainstream media, editor's note) is completely silent. This is the future that awaits us if/when we become a minority in our own country! They are not happy until we are gone! “, reads a post by Jonatan Lindgren from 2018 which the left-wing extremist Expo especially highlights.

According to the left-wing extremist Expo, Lindgren thus spreads” the right-wing extremist the myth that whites are being systematically murdered in South Africa, as part of a global genocide “. Hedlund, Member of Parliament and chairman of SD in Gävleborg, now for P4 Gävleborg

SD usually almost automatically excludes members at the local level who are hanged by Expo, at least such members who are not considered particularly loyal to the party leadership Gene. SD leader Mattias Karlsson has previously tried to start a collaboration with Expo to gain access to the left-wing extremist organization's opinion poll, which he wanted to be able to use to exclude rivals within the party.