Bus driver and passengers stabbed in Gothenburg


Published 30 November 2021 at 15.15

Domestic. A bus driver and a passenger were stabbed in Hisings Backa in Gothenburg on Tuesday.

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The alarm was received by the police at 12:54 after a bus driver on line 19 was stabbed by “a young passenger”. It happened at the stop Backa Kyrkogata.

“For an unknown reason, it is a bus driver who gets together with three young people on the bus. One of the young people gets off and then one of the young people picks up a knife and chops the bus driver “A passenger tries to walk in between and is then stabbed in the thigh”, the police write in their incident report.

The three young people then ran from the scene. The bus driver in his 35s and the passenger in his 60s were taken to hospital for treatment. The driver to Sahlgrenska Hospital and the passenger to Östra Hospital.

The beginning of the incident was that a fourth person, according to the police probably a member of the trio, pulled an emergency brake and then ran from the scene. The others must have remained at the scene and got into a fight with the driver.

The bus has been seized by the police for a technical investigation and a site investigation is being carried out. Surveillance footage is secured and the witnesses who were on the bus are heard by police.

No one has been arrested at this time. Preliminary investigations have been launched for attempted murder (of the driver) and aggravated assault (against the passenger). It involves two crimes and two parallel preliminary investigations with different headings.