Apple investigating MagSafe issue with 16-inch MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro MagSafe problem

MagSafe 3 is the new magnetic connection on the MacBook Pro 2021. This means that the beloved connection is returned, which prevents your laptop from falling off the table if you trip over the cord. However, it doesn't seem completely problem-free. Some models of the 16-inch MacBook Pro may not charge via the MagSafe connector. A long discussion on Reddit makes it clear that there are many more people with the problem.

If the 16-inch MacBook Pro is closed and not in use, charging via MagSafe would not work. Instead of green, the light turns orange and does not charge. Some people have contacted Apple Support to find a solution. One person received a replacement laptop, others were less fortunate. It could possibly be a firmware issue. A support page at Apple explains what steps to take if charging isn't working properly, but this doesn't seem to solve the problem for the affected users. Putting the MacBook in recovery mode for a short time only solved the problem.

A video on Reddit shows that when the MacBook is closed, the light repeatedly blinks orange and plays the macOS charging sound. Normally, the light should glow solid amber while charging. When the battery is full, the light is green. Fortunately, not everyone has the problem.

What to do?
If this bothers you, you could wait for Apple's response. The company is said to be conducting an investigation to find out what the problem is.

In the meantime, Apple recommends charging the MacBook in a different way. You have three options:

  • Charging with the lid open.
  • Charging in sleep mode.
  • Connect the MagSafe cable before turning off your MacBook .

You could also contact Apple Support yourself, if you have the time and patience to pass diagnostic tests and the like.

Another issue Apart from this, people are having issues with external displays in conjunction with macOS Monterey. The external screens don't activate when you open or close the lid of a MacBook Pro. This problem also occurs with certain people and not with all.