Android Auto: Dual SIM support arrives


Google continues to improve Android Auto , and the smartphone app today gains a major function: Dual SIM support . Until now, in fact, it was possible to make calls only from the SIM set as the main one in the smartphone. With version v7.1.614554 (in roll-out in these hours from the United States), Google has finally introduced the possibility; to choose which SIM to make the phone call from the car . A great convenience, especially for those who use two different users between personal and working life.

This is a feature; that Google had announced a couple of months ago. The reporting, as often happens, is; arrived from a Reddit user who, as shown in the image below, saw a pop-up appear on the screen of the infotainment system of his car . A screen that allowed him to choose which of the two SIM cards to use to make a call.

It is also important to underline another aspect highlighted by the user. The correct functioning of both SIM cards at the same time is guaranteed also in relation to incoming calls . There & ograve; it means that the reception continues to be present regularly. In short, Google seems to have done things right, allowing Android Auto to take a further step towards an inevitable improvement.

The timing required for the roll-out on a global scale remains to be understood. Updating the Android Auto app on your smartphone may not be enough, as it is likely it may take a server-side enable from Google. & Egrave; however, only a matter of time .

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