This is where SD's historic decision is made: Prohibit cashless

  • Banks, shops and restaurants will be forced to accept cash
  • The SD leadership said no to the proposal – was run over
  • < li class = "last"> Poland has recently clubbed the same legislation

Published November 29, 2021 at 7:31 AM

Economy. The Sweden Democrats must work to ensure that all banks, shops and restaurants are obliged to accept cash when customers want to pay. The obligation must not be negotiable. The new line was decided at the party's national days in Karlstad and goes against the party board's line in the matter.

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The Battle for Cash

  • Tricky & quot; pay apps & quot; replaces cash
  • Swish was down for the fourth day in a row
  • SEB's internet bank and Swish are down for the second day in a row
  • New law forces banks build ATMs throughout Sweden
  • Västtrafik replaced cash with the app – which is down

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The party board rejected the proposal and claimed that a requirement to accept cash would be a “too far-reaching requirement”, but the members and their representatives at the national meetings , which is the party's highest decision – making body, did not agree.

Among the speakers who gave speeches before the vote, many criticized the banks' misuse of the money laundering law in order to get rid of the relatively expensive cash handling.

Kalmar politician Martin Kirchberg (SD) demanded approval of the motion and stated that Sweden, through the Money Laundering Act, has introduced EU money laundering rules in perhaps the toughest way of all EU countries, which has meant that individual bank customers are in a vulnerable position vis-à-vis the banks.

“The Money Laundering Act must be reviewed both in order to strengthen the individual citizen's integrity and to strengthen the individual citizen's right towards the banks, both in their right to become and be a customer,” he said.

Many were also critical of the party board wanted to let the banks continue to abolish cash despite the great dissatisfaction of ordinary and especially older people.

SD politician Robert Jansson in Ale municipality felt that the party needed to go further than the SD leadership wants.

– I get a little worried when I read the party board's answer. The party board says that further changes to the law are unlikely in the near future and that the issue is being monitored. But the dismantling of cash handling is going on daily, in store after store. Then we can not sit in the back seat and watch, he said in a speech that received great applause.

He was supported by Johan Karlsson, elected SD politician in Emmaboda municipality, who stated that as a politician must not be afraid to use force against the banks to prevent them from abolishing cash.

– If you want to preserve the cash, you have to dare to make this type of a little tougher, a little more compelling decisions, he said and ended with:

– Cash is king!

The party board's proposal was then run over in the vote and the motion to ban cash-free banks, shops and restaurants was adopted by the Riksdag.

If SD's forthcoming demands are heard by the Riksdag, Sweden will be the second country in the EU to in recent years introduce legislation banning cash-free shops and banks.

At the turn of the month, it became illegal for shops and bank branches in Poland to refuse to accept cash, and agreements that payment was to be made in cash became invalid.

Swedish establishment & shy; media has written very little about the criticism of the cashless society, but it is still clear that many Swedes want to see a similar law in Sweden.

When Fria Tider reported on the Polish law last month, the news received 15,000 reactions on Facebook , and on Facebook also collects the group “Boycott cash-free shops and restaurants “nearly 160,000 members from across the country.