The & quot; classic & quot; colors are back for modern Porsches


With the new options Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus , Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche's personalization service, is expanding its range of special colors to be applied to the bodies of its models in the range.

To satisfy special requests , there is; also the possibility; to create specific color shades with particular shading.

& quot; We often receive requests for particular colors, & egrave; an 'important differentiation feature,' said Alexander Fabig , part of the Porsche design department. & quot; With this offer, we can allow the customer to choose between the classic colors and the new unpublished colors, so as to be able to choose from 160 shades; different & quot ;.

In recent years, the demand for custom painted Porsche cars & egrave; greatly increased. Thus, in the main plant in Zuffenhausen & egrave; was put into operationa new color mixing desk , where paint specialists mix several dozen ingredients to achieve the hue & agrave; The areas to be painted on the vehicle consist largely of aluminum, plastic and carbon/glass fiber composites. This mix of materials requires paint compositions that are slightly different from each other, depending on the component to be covered with the shade.

Porsche color shop changed name from Custom Color to Paint in Sample and includes colors classics such as Maritime Blue, Rubystar Red and Mint Green, already in vogue among Porsche enthusiasts in the 90s, not to mention other customizable colors for Panamera, Macan and Cayenne and Taycan.

The service proposed by Paint to Sample also allows you to use new and completely personal colors chosen by the customer. It will be to be carried out by Porsche for the reliability test of the color to see if, indeed, it will be able to paint the bodywork of a Porsche.

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