Stellantis, agreement with Vulcan Energy for the supply of lithium for batteries


Stellantis plans to invest over 30 billion euros by 2025 in electrification and software development. The automotive group will go also to build several factories for batteries, one of which in Italy, to get to have a capacity; production of over 130 GWh by 2025, and then reaching over 260 GWh (90 GWh in America and 170 GWh in Europe) by 2030.

Precisely for this reason, Stellantis is signing several collaboration agreements with companies working in the field of batteries such as Samsung SDI. But to get to have an adequate production of cells, it is necessary to Stellantis must be able to guarantee an adequate supply of raw materials. The new agreement that the Group has signed with Vulcan Energy must be seen in this direction.


The agreement provides that Vulcan supply lithium hydroxide for batteries in Europe , to be used in the electrified vehicles of the Stellantis Group, with the start of shipments set for 2026. To underline a very interesting aspect of this collaboration: Vulcan Energy uses & quot; geothermal energy to produce lithium hydroxide for batteries obtained from frost, without the ; use of fossil fuels and with a minimum consumption of water, thus reducing; the production of carbon in the metal supply chain for batteries & quot ;. Vulcan will provide; to Stellantis a minimum of 81,000 tons and a maximum of 99,000 tons of lithium hydroxide in the five-year term of the agreement.

Stellantis is not; the only automotive group to have signed an agreement for the supply of lithium with Vulcan Energy. Last August, the Renault Group had also announced a very similar agreement, even if in that case the supply of this raw material will be; much lower. Michelle Wen , Chief Purchasing and Supply Chain Officer at Stellantis, commented:

Stellantis is vigorously and quickly pursuing its electrification strategy. This agreement is further proof that we have the right competitive spirit to deliver on our commitments. Freedom to move with safe, clean and affordable means is a strong expectation of our societies & agrave; and our commitment is; to provide answers to the height of these requests.

Francis Wedin , Managing Director of Vulcan, added:

The supply agreement with Stellantis is; in line with our mission to decarbonise the supply chain for lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles. Vulcan's Zero Carbon Lithium project also aims to reduce the transport distances of lithium-based chemicals in Europe, and our headquarters in Germany, close to the European gigafactyories of Stellantis, & egrave; consistent with this strategy. We are confident that the relationship between Vulcan and Stellantis will be; lasting and productive, and will allow & agrave; to both of us to realize our common ambitions of sustainability; and decarbonisation.

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