Porsche 911 Targa 4 in Police version? It's possible! Thanks to Techart


Don't say it! You have a Porsche 911 Targa 4 in your garage but your dream is; to drive a police car every day? No! But you see what a combination. The guys from Techart have really thought of you and got their hands on the Porsche 911 in the Cabriolet version to transform it into a real “steering wheel” super sports car that winks at the Forces of Order.

Techart manages the customizations of the premium models with painstaking care, with a work process that also includes approvals on the individual components, as well as & eacute; various checks and certifications. Impact tests are also carried out on the materials used. In short, Techart is keen to get the message across that the creative must not contradict the legal requirements and safety on board.

Just to communicate this message, the Porsche you see inside this writing is; been & quot; pimped & quot; with the help of those who make tuning, aesthetic or otherwise, their profession, that is TUNE IT! Not to mention Hankook's support. The 911 Targa wants to be an important educational work, being a show car that makes safety a very important feature, without compromising driving pleasure.

She shows up with an inspired livery /; strong> to the one that dresses the & quot; steering wheels & quot; of the Police , implementing an Aerokit tested in the wind tunnel and composed of a pronounced front spoiler and several air intakes accompanied by slits, splitters and oversized rims.

As anticipated, safety also wants its part , so here is a reinforced cell for the passenger compartment and door panels, also reinforced, a carbon bonnet, new LED headlight assembly and a special & quot; Police Style & quot; signal light system

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