Honda unveils its technology to eliminate road accidents


Honda aims to & # 39; zero fatal road accidents involving Honda motorcycles and cars, to global level & quot; by the 2050 deadline. To achieve this ambitious goal, the Japanese carmaker has unveiled the technologies it has developed in terms of safety.

Specifically, Honda will use; technologies & quot; Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology & quot; and & quot; Safe and Sound Network Technology & quot ;. The first is; a solution that exploits artificial intelligence (AI) to provide assistance which, adapting to the capabilities and to the driver's situation, reduces risks and driving errors by ensuring correct and safe driving. The second, on the other hand, allows you to connect all road users, both people and mobility products, making it possible to predict potential risks before they turn into collisions.


To arrive to the 2050 target, Honda has made it known that it will extend the presence of Honda SENSING 360 on all models that will go on sale in all major markets by 2030. It is an omnidirectional safety system and driver assistance which eliminates blind spots around the vehicle and helps avoid collisions by reducing driving fatigue for the driver. A solution that was presented last October 2021.

At the same time, Honda will continue & agrave; to work to expand the application of a motorcycle detection function and further improve the functions of its ADAS . Also, the builder will continue; to strive to improve the application of motorcycle safety technologies and to offer safety education technologies. By completing all this work, the brand aims to reduce by half; global road fatalities involving its vehicles by 2030.

Still with the 2050 target in mind, Honda has conducted research to uncover the underlying causes of driving errors . What has been learned has allowed the development of Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology which uses ADAS sensors and cameras to recognize potential risks in the vicinity of the vehicle, allowing the AI ​​to detect the risks of driving. Artificial intelligence will be also used to determine the & quot; optimal driving behavior in real time and offer & # 39; assistance adapted to the cognitive state and traffic situations for each individual driver & quot ;.

In the future, Honda will launch & agrave; a & quot; system that adapting to the driving behavior and the situation of each individual driver will be; able to keep him safe from any potential risk. ' The goal is to introduce basic technologies in the first half & agrave; of this decade, to then launch practical applications in the second half & agrave; of the same decade.

With this technology, Honda will do & agrave; advance driving assistance able to help the driver in real time, and through AI-based assistance will enable the driver to avoid any risk. The ultimate goal will be to completely eliminate human errors, which are the cause of over 90% of road collisions.

Finally, Honda aims at a & quot; company & agrave; cooperative security & quot; to ensure that all road users can collaborate on safety thanks to the & quot; Safe and Sound Technology & quot; technology.

Information on potential risks in the road environment, collected on the basis of data obtained from road cameras, on-board cameras and smartphones will be aggregated to servers to recreate the same road environment in the virtual space. In this virtual space, taking into account the conditions and characteristics of each individual road user, the system will foresee/simuler & agrave; the behaviors of drivers at high risk of collision. Subsequently, the system will obtain; the most supportive information; appropriate to help drivers avoid risks.

All this information will then be communicated intuitively to drivers of cars, motorcyclists and pedestrians to warn of possible dangers.

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