Ferrari Purosangue: in view the body destined for production. Here are the engines


The Ferrari Purosangue is; one of the most SUV models; expected , not only by the majority of Italian motorists, morbidly attached to the works of art of the Prancing Horse, but also by four-wheelers from all over the world, since will be the first model with high wheels from Maranello .

Of course, there is; still those who cannot associate the word & quot; sportiness & agrave; & quot; to SUV, then imagine the effort to put the name of Sport Utility Vehicle next to Ferrari. For some it makes the sense of dizziness, headache, dry mouth, etc …

Yet the Ferrari Purosangue forklift is seen on the street without problems, accompanied by the test drivers, with the photographers who took the opportunity to immortalize on photographic paper the first prototype of Purosangue equipped with the bodywork in the final form, the one that will be; intended for production .

No. The camouflage suit is not; disappeared. On the contrary. It is still clearly visible and performs very well its task of concealing the belt & agrave; of her body. Yet you can & ograve; now notice a more hood; long, a coup & eacute-style roofline; and a relatively low ground clearance by SUV standards. Pi & ugrave; crossover than SUV therefore, to the benefit of a more car body; connected to the asphalt and more able to better communicate all his moods and movements to the pilot.

The only parts exposed are the front windshield, which is more angled and aerodynamic, and the front side windows which look rather small, alluding to a practical five-door body. At the rear, we can see what appears to be an active diffuser and four exhaust pipes. Are you looking for? They appear to be oversized at the rear.

The FUV – Ferrari Utility Vehicle – as described by the company, will probably sit. on a modified version of the platform that gave birth to Ferrari Roma. Both models will share the front engine and rear transmission. Under the hood, we expect to see a non-electrified V12 engine, while the hybrid variants will feature the V6 from the 296 GTB and a V8 from the SF90 Stradale. The powers? You will arrive up to 800 hp with the V12, with the foals that will power all four wheels to create all-wheel drive . The official debut of the Ferrari Purosangue is; expected in 2022. We are all waiting for the FUV … or almost.

< p> [Spy Photo: CarScoops]

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