Expressen boss: “Disgusting” that Åkesson calls Kakabaveh the “Kurd”


Published 29 November 2021 at 16.53

Media. Expressen's cultural director and deputy editor-in-chief Karin Olsson reacts strongly to Jimmie Åkesson calling the Kurdish Member of Parliament Amineh Kakabaveh a Kurd.

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“Based its mandate on the communist Kurdish Kakabaveh”, reads the quote in the headline of Expressen's article about SD leader Jimmie Åkesson's proposal regarding today's prime ministerial vote in the Riksdag.

Jimmie Åkesson is critical of that a “communist Kurd” – Amineh Kakabaveh – had a decisive vote in the election of Magdalena Andersson as prime minister.

According to Åkesson, Kakabaveh voted for “Maggan” in exchange for S promising a Swedish rapprochement with the Kurdish Communist Party PYD, which is the Syrian branch of the terrorist group PKK.

The choice of words makes Expressen's cultural director Karin Olsson look red.

“, she writes on Twitter.

The post has received criticism – some write that Karin Olsson apparently thinks it is worse to be a Kurd than to be a communist. Other users ask why it would be “disgusting” to call a kurd a kurd.

Karin Olsson has nuanced her criticism in a follow-up post.

“Not because there is anything wrong with being Kurdish (of course). But because it sounds like her ethnicity would make her voice less worthy, even suspicious “, she writes.