Cannibal defense: “Just gnawed a little”


Published 29 November 2021 at 12.49

Abroad. A Russian cannibal and two other men were arrested after a headless body fell out of a car, reports the New York Post. The man admits that he ate the corpse.
– I gnawed a little and just tasted, says the cannibal.

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The crime was discovered in connection with a traffic accident outside St. Petersburg just over a week ago.

A Mitsubishi car drove into the railing of a motorway, and then the body fell after a beheading man from the trunk, reports the New York Post.

Police then arrested three men. Two of them are suspected of having murdered a man in a drunken state in a garage in St. Petersburg and then set fire to the garage.

One of the men, Yegor Komarov, explained that he had “gnawed a little” on the body and “tasted” it. In seduction, he was asked if he could consider eating human flesh again.

– Do you have anything? asked the cannibal then.

Yegor Komarov has also admitted that he murdered and ate another man in September last year, “for no reason”. He states that he usually looks for victims in a local park, writes the New York Post.