Audi A3, the Citycarver version yes? spied on the street


It appears that Audi is working on a new variant of its A3. A prototype of this model is; been intercepted on the road during some tests. Despite the camouflage, from spy photos & egrave; it was possible to notice some interesting ideas. The model in the pictures looks like the normal Audi A3 Sportback. However, looking closer we understand that the set-up is; more high compared to that of the & quot; standard & quot; Sportback. Furthermore, it is possible to perceive that the car has a plastic covering of the wheel arches .

All this would suggest that we are dealing with a prototype of the future A3 Citycarver or Allroad . The precise name is not; obviously still clear even if & egrave; it will likely eventually adopt the name of Citycarver, as on the small A1. Allroad, in fact, is usually used on models with station wagon bodywork.

Name aside, it is clear that the 4-ring manufacturer is working on a raised version of its A3, perhaps to take advantage of the fact that the market really likes cars with references to the world of crossovers and that are able to tackle without problems some way more; bumpy.

You don't need to & agrave; expect great news, however, as regards the engines. With good probability they will be the same ones present on the A3 today. Most likely there will be; also all-wheel drive as well as a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Surely there will be; way to know more & ugrave; over the next few months as its debut approaches.

When will it arrive? this new variant of the Audi A3? There is still no precise information on this. However, & egrave; very likely that the presentation will take place in the course of 2022 .

[Spy photo: MotorAuthority]

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