Åkesson: S bought the victory from a Kurdish communist


Published 29 November 2021 at 14.40

Domestic. SD leader Jimmie Åkesson sharply criticizes the fact that Magdalena Andersson was today elected prime minister thanks to a settlement with the communist Kurdish MP Amineh Kakabaveh. In exchange for his voice, Kakabaveh received a promise of Swedish relations with Kurdish communists linked to the terrorist group PKK.

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Magdalena Andersson was elected Prime Minister today by a margin of one vote, after the Social Democrats secured the support of the political savage Amineh Kakabaveh (formerly the Left Party).

Jimmie Åkesson stated in her speech in the Riksdag before the vote that Amineh Kakabaveh is a Kurdish communist.

– Magdalena Andersson will be voted by a margin of one vote. That vote is bought by entering into an agreement with the Riksdag's savages. In this agreement, they promise to deepen their contacts with the Kurdish Communist Party PYD. It is a party that is close to the terrorist organization PKK and is accused of kidnapping political opponents, he said.

PYD is the Syrian part of the PKK, which is classified by the EU as a terrorist organization.

Jimmie Åkesson stated in the Riksdag that the agreement is “extremely astonishing”.

After the vote, Åkesson once again commented on the matter on SVT.

. That is not how it should go, he said and continued:

– It will of course affect Sweden's foreign relations. It looks very bad, and above all it is not Kurdish communists who will decide who will be Sweden's prime minister, but it is of course the Swedish people.