The left duo's contribution in “On the track” is mocked


Published 28 November 2021 at 19.05

Cultural news. The TV profiles Carina Bergfeldt and Marcus Oscarsson showed evidence of “embarrassingly poor general education” when they were on SVT's “On the track”. That is the opinion of colleague K-G Bergström.

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SVT's Carina Bergfeldt participated last Friday together with TV4's political expert Marcus Oscarsson in the successful program “On the track”.

However, they were eliminated by a large margin by the opposing team, consisting by the artist Jason “Timbaktu” Diakité and the star chef Marcus Samuelsson.

Bergfeldt and Oscarsson are now mocked on social media for their lack of knowledge, reports Stoppa Pressarna.

“Started the morning by watching yesterday's On the track. I'm completely amazed at the genomus general education shown by Carina Bergfeldt and Marcus Oscarsson. Really embarrassing “, writes a viewer on Twitter.

” Feels like I have to adjust my bite that Carina Bergfeldt and Marcus Oscarsson will win the whole On the Track “, tweets another person.

Among the critics is also a colleague of the duo, SVT's former political reporter and commentator KG Bergström.

” Embarrassingly bad general education by Carina Bergfeldt and Marcus Oscarsson in På Spåret “, Bergström writes and art They were “outclassed” by the opposing team.

However, K-G Bergström himself is criticized for his post by other users on the platform.

“So low that you write so about Carina Bergfeldt. Had you written like that if she had been a man “, writes one person.