Sweden may cancel the election due to “lack of resources”


Published 27 November 2021 at 17.38

Domestic. The election authority warns that the authority has such a lack of resources that the election next year may not be possible. And even if the election is held, it can be full of errors and shortcomings in the election result, according to the authority.

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The crisis is a fact after the autumn budget has been voted through and the authority is now turning to the government.

– More people with the right skills need to be hired so that the business does not become dependent on a few employees, says the head of the Chancellery Anna Nyqvist to Bulletin.nu. >

”If resources are not added, there is a not insignificant risk that errors and mistakes will occur in the conduct of the election that will result in the election result being wrong or questionable. It can lead to costly re-elections and also to the election results being questioned. ” writes the Election Authority's board.

The background is that the opposition budget that was voted through in the Riksdag did not contain any extra appropriations for the authority.