Schoolgirls boycott gender-neutral toilets


Published 28 November 2021 at 12.38

Abroad. The introduction of gender-neutral toilets in schools in Scotland has not been an immediate success, reports RT.

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When Scottish school authorities wanted to be “progressive” and adapt the schools' toilets for an alleged third sex, the result was not what was hoped for.

It is now reported from one of the schools that they are gender neutral the toilets are completely boycotted by all the school girls, who consistently refuse to visit them. This since the toilets were hit by misconduct and vandalism by the school boys.

Among other things, boys have waved menstrual products in front of the girls and also urinated in the waste containers for sanitary napkins and tampons. This has been perceived as very unpleasant and difficult for the girls and has led to the girls going to school all day without visiting the toilets at all.

The situation is described as unsustainable and now even makes feminists react.

– I would like to know who requires gender-neutral toilets, because it is not the parents. “I suspect it's some form of LGBTQ certification,” Scottish feminist activist Marion Calder told The Times.