Here, Iranian women activist scolds Ann Linde


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Published 28 November 2021 at 07.10

Domestic. Are you going to wear the veil when you meet the Taliban as well? That question was asked by Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) by the well-known exile journalist and women's rights activist Masih Alinejad.

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– You can not just sit here and congratulate yourself. Let us be clear: If you are a real feminist, you must actually stand up for your own values.

That is what the women's rights activist Masih Alinejad explained to Sweden's Foreign Minister Ann Linde during a seminar in the Riksdag on Thursday.

In the exchange, which was captured on film, Masih Alinejad compared the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Taliban.

>- How can you call yourself a feminist when you legitimize the Islamic Republic and the Taliban? Will you wear the hijab when you meet the Taliban? she asked Ann Linde.

The Swedish Foreign Minister defended herself by saying that her role is so important that she must wear a veil.

– I believe that my assignment as Minister is so important that I want to travel whether it means I have to wear a hijab.

However, there was no answer that impressed Masih Alinejad.

– My sisters in Afghanistan should know this. This kind of feminist will never help you, because when it comes to meeting the top leadership of dictatorships, they will bow and obey the dictatorship, she said and continued:

– Western feminists talk about “my body, my choice “. But when we, women from Iran and Afghanistan, say the same thing, feminists like you, Ann Linde, go there and say that you must obey the hijab laws in order to talk to men. But when these dictatorships do not even let you decide how you should dress, they will not let you decide on “bigger problems”, as you put it.