Gothenburgers sponsor left-wing extremist killers in the United States


Published 28 November 2021 at 14.28

Domestic. A 43-year-old man from Gothenburg is behind the financing of several life-long left-wing terrorists and murderers through an international network of sponsors. It reveals Exakt24, who has visited the man in his home.

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Andreas Lindh, a 43-year-old left-wing extremist who originally comes from Eskilstuna, runs the left-wing extremist organization Anarchist Black Cross.

The main purpose of the network is to support left-wing extremist terrorists and murderers, according to Exakt24 .

But when Exakt24 knocked on the door to Lindh's condominium in Gothenburg, he did not want to answer any questions but quickly closed the door.

Anarchist Black Cross, ABC, does not distance itself from political violence or terrorism but rather calls for it, according to Exakt24. The group defends terrorists who have been convicted of various crimes such as murder, arson and bombings. ABC assists terrorists with literature, letters of support and funding.

One of those supported by ABC is the left-wing extremist terrorist Marius Mason, who has been sentenced to 22 years in prison in the United States – among other things for trying to blow up a university building at Michigan State University. Mason today claims to be a man, even though she is in fact a woman.

Eric King, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for an assassination attempt on African-American Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, is one of many others terrorists who also receive support from the organization.

The Swedish branch of ABC, which Andreas Lindh represents, also sponsors convicted left-wing extremists in Sweden via the so-called prisoner aid. The terrorist organization AFA often collects money via the prisoner aid ABC to various left-wing extremists who have been taken care of by the judiciary, reports Exakt24. br />
Andreas Lindh believes that the entire right-wing opposition is covered by the terms “Nazi” and “fascist”. According to Lindh, its representatives should thus be subjected to acts of violence, reports Exakt24. He describes conservatives as “fascists with class” and at the same time writes that so-called fascists should be beaten, according to the site.