Every second woman feels mental anxiety “when it comes to the climate”


Published 27 November 2021 at 17.39

Domestic. Nine out of ten women think that “sustainability” is important and every other woman feels “worried” when it comes to climate and sustainability. It shows a new survey that Norstat has done.

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A new study published in the scientific journal The Lancet describes the strong concern that is perceived to be linked to the alleged “climate crisis”. Those who feel the worst are the younger generation, where almost six out of ten are very or extremely worried about the situation.

– The fact that there are now psychologists who specialize in climate and environmental issues is a natural consequence of our mood – very many women are confronted with feelings of inadequacy and worries about the future linked to sustainability, says Jennie Knutsson, communications manager at Aller media, who paid for the survey from Norstat, in a press release.

In the group Swedish women 18–29 years are Concerns about the climate are the main reason why they think sustainability is important.

The same survey shows that worries give rise to change – seven out of ten women in Sweden have made lifestyle changes in the past year to “live more sustainable “.