Criticism: Notre Dame is transformed into “politically correct Disneyland”


Published 28 November 2021 at 16.05

Cultural news. A “trail of discovery” focusing on Africa and the environment. Walls covered with “modern art”. Flashes and sound effects. The plans for Notre Dame in Paris are now being seen by critics, reports the Daily Mail.

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The world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was hit by a fire in April 2019 and has been restored since then.

But the plans for what the church will look like in the future are now receiving harsh criticism. Those responsible are accused of wanting to turn the 850-year-old building into a “politically correct Disneyland”, writes the Daily Mail.

– It is as if Disney had entered Notre Dame, says Maurice Culot, a award-winning Paris architect, to The Telegraph.

He continues:

– What they propose to do with Notre Dame would never be done with Westminster Abbey or St. Peter's Church in Rome. It will be a kind of amusement park and very childish and trivial given the grandeur of the place.

According to the plans, confessionals, altars and classic sculptures will be scrapped in favor of trendy modern murals as well as sound and light effects that will create “emotional spaces “.

A” discovery trail “focusing on Africa, Asia and the” environment “will lead visitors through various chapels. Bible quotes in various languages, including Mandarin, will light up the walls.

A high-ranking source involved in the restoration tells the Telegraph that the plans risk “mutilating” Notre Dame and turning the cathedral into an “experimental exhibition hall”.

– Can you imagine that the administration of the Holy See would allow something similar in the Sistine Chapel? That would be unthinkable, says the source.