Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, here is the camper version from 250 thousand euros


When Porsche present & ograve; the Taycan Cross Turismo, emphasized; very its versatility; and above all the possibility; to be able to deal with ease & agrave; even the dirt paths. Db wanted to take this concept to the extreme, creating a package that allows you to get your hands on this model, including a series of accessories that allow you to use it as a sort of camper . The Norwegian company specializing in products for those who love to travel has put up for sale the exclusive & quot; packageDiscoverberry & quot ;. Exclusive not only in content but also in price.

In fact, you will need to & agrave; get ready to pay out 250 thousand euros . In the cost, however, it is; including the electric car, although it is not clear in which variant it is proposed. Leaving aside the question of the price for a moment, let's go and see more; closely what this company offers.

Cars and accessories are characterized by having a dark red color. A reference to the fact that they are part of the Raspberry Edition. The car is equipped with a roof tent from 2,385 liters that can comfortably accommodate two people, to whom & egrave; can be accessed through a ladder. Roof tent that when not in use can obviously be folded up. The equipment also includes the presence of a comfortable 60-liter travel bag, a 30-liter backpack and a camping kit which includes, among other things, a table and a chair.

Special feature, Porsche's electric car comes with additional headlights that are a definite reminder of the off-road world. If the budget is not a problem and if you love outdoor adventure, what Db can offer be a really cool solution.

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However, even if perhaps less exclusive, with a lower budget you can & ograve; however, aim for a real classic camper. It will not be an electric Porsche but allows for more space and above all a bathroom. Camping is fine, but at least some comforts; need …

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