Noko presents its new eBikes with autonomy up to 200 km at EICMA


EICMA 2021 also featured pedal assisted electric bikes, vehicles that are increasingly popular; and which represent a valid solution for mobility; urban . At the Fair, the Italian brand Noko has brought its new range of eBikes which & egrave; composed of three models: Time, Force and Vulcan . The first two are more oriented towards urban use. The third, on the other hand, is; designed for those who also like to tackle some dirt roads.


All cables are concealed and are integrated into the aluminum frame . This allows to make the design of the bikes more & ugrave; clean and elegant. The manufacturer says that most of the components such as the engine, & egrave; produced by FSA which will deal with also to offer the assistance service.

The Noko Tempo and Forza models have a novelty; very interesting and that is; they use a carbon fiber reinforced belt instead of the classic chain. A solution that, according to the company, & quot; does not dirty, & egrave; silent and avoids frequent maintenance & quot ;. For the Vulcano model, on the other hand, we have a chain transmission. Electric bikes for the city they do not have a gearbox, while Vulcano, being a model designed for more routes; demanding, has an 11-speed gearbox.

The 250 W motor and 42 Nm of torque developed from FSA & egrave; integrated directly into the rear wheel hub. 5 levels of assistance are available to the cyclist. These eBikes can also count on a torque sensor that allows you to better dose the electric motor support.

The integrated torque sensor provides a power proportional to the intensity; pedaling: the user will be able to benefit from greater acceleration simply by increasing its thrust on the pedals.

The 250 Wh battery (Samsung cells) is; integrated directly into the down tube and allows you to have an autonomy up to 100 km (distance that can vary according to many factors). Noko says that by adding a second external 250 Wh battery (called & quot; Range Extender & quot;) & egrave; It is possible to extend the distance up to 200 km. All models have a braking system with 160 mm discs and weigh 14.8 kg . The Vulcano model can & ograve; also count on specific tires suitable for use even on dirt roads. Prices starting from € 3,990 for the Forza and Tempo models and € 4,350 for the Vulcano.

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