Leagues that rob residents of their home “new trend” on Östermalm


Published 27 November 2021 at 10.02

Domestic. On Monday night, a family in Östermalm was robbed after a woman dressed as a flower deliveryman first tricked them into opening the door.

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“One of several ways to get into a home is for a person – man or woman – to ring the doorbell and pretend to make some kind of offer. In this way, they cheat perpetrators enter the home when unknown people enter when the door opens “, warns the police in a letter.

The father of the family who was robbed tells Expressen that his 13-year-old son opened the door and that two masked men then stepped in and put a gun to his face. The other had a knife.

– When I come out, they hold on and silver tape my son and my wife on the couch. It was like on film. It is impossible to describe the feeling, the father tells Expressen.

The man had previously had a watch worth half a million, but at the time of the robbery it was sold. The robbers therefore had to make do with their wife's watch worth SEK 200,000.

A moment before the robbery on Östermalm, an attempt with a similar approach had taken place at a home on Lidingö. The attempt on Lidingö failed, however, according to the police letter.