Lancia celebrates 60 years of the presidential Flaminia at the Quirinale


Time of celebration for Lancia which celebrates its 115 years of history and at the same time the 60 years of the presidential Lancia Flaminia . Two very special anniversaries that were celebrated in the prestigious setting of the Quirinal Palace.

Two celebrations like this; significant for Lancia which has produced beautiful cars, the result of the creative ingenuity of many engineers and designers, with a timeless style and which have become true standard bearers of Italy all over the world. And by leveraging this glorious history we are ready to face our 10-year plan towards mobility; more and more; sustainable.

ALL STARTING? IN 1906 27 November 1906 thanks to Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin , both Fiat employees and car enthusiasts. Vincenzo was also well known in the world of motorsport, having achieved several victories behind the wheel of Fiat cars. The first car to be produced was the Lancia 12 HP in 1908 , a particularly innovative model for the time with a low and light chassis, equipped with a shaft drive. 100 units were sold, a success for that period.

Then followed several successful models among which the Lambda, the Augusta and the Aprilia are mentioned. In 1950 it was the turn of the Aurelia, the first car in the world to be fitted with a V6 engine. A model that was also very successful in the world of motorsport, so much so as to push the brand to found a racing department dedicated to road races that will come; called Scuderia Lancia.

Then, the Flaminia and Flavia will arrive in the 60s. At the beginning of the 70s the activities resume; of the sports department that will bring Lancia to the Olympus of motorsport thanks to models such as the Stratos and the Delta. The rest is; recent history with the Italian brand that aims to relaunch itself thanks to the future arrival of new models that will also be characterized by being electric.


The Lancia Flaminia it made its debut in 1957 at the Geneva Motor Show and featured a 2.5-liter V6 engine and luxury finishes. This car was offered in several special versions. In 1961, in particular, Pininfarina created; the presidential long-wheelbase convertible, called & quot; 335 & quot;, an acronym that indicated the wheelbase measure in centimeters. This car was used by President Giovanni Gronchi on the occasion of the visit to Italy of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

A total of 4 specimens were made which were baptized with proper names of thoroughbred horses from the Quirinale stables: Belfiore, Belmonte, Belvedere and Belsito . The first three have a rigid, foldable canvas hood. The fourth, on the other hand, has a non-opening canvas top above the driver's seat.

The presidential Flaminias are characterized by the midnight blue body color. The standard equipment includes black Connolly leather upholstery, intercom to communicate with the driver, 5 rear seats with large sofa and two folding seats. In 2001 these cars were restored. Belfiore and Belvedere are still used for & quot; special occasions & quot; of the Head of State and of the pi & ugrave; high offices of the Republic.

Belsito and Belmonte, on the other hand, are no longer & ugrave; in service. The first can be done; admire at the historical museum of the Military Motorization of Rome, the second at the Automobile Museum of Turin.

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