EU decision: New rules for increased immigration


Published 27 November 2021 at 15.44

Abroad. Proposals to facilitate immigration to Europe are needed before the end of January 2022 to meet the “challenge of an aging population” and skills shortages, according to a new resolution of the European Parliament. Among other things, a special entry program for low-skilled workers is now proposed.

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Parliament's work on this draft legislative report has been led by the Swedish Center Party and immigrant profile Abir Al-Sahlani.

Members are calling for an “ambitious entry program” for third-country workers (ie in practice third world) with low or medium education and a framework to be able to “recognize” their knowledge and qualifications.

They want it to be easier for self-employed people to get to the EU legally. Therefore, the members propose an EU-wide program for entry and residence for people who want to establish companies and start-ups, as well as for artists and cultural workers. Calls on the European Commission to introduce a five-year multiple-entry visa that will allow this category of third-country nationals to enter the EU for up to 90 days a year;

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted the report by 497 votes; for, 160 votes against and 38 abstentions.

The text also supports the creation of an “EU talent pool” based on the current EURES portal to match jobseekers' profiles with the needs of EU-based employers and reduce the shortage on labor in the Member States.