E-GAP, on demand top-up arrives in Bologna. We look to Europe and America


E-GAP brings its service of reload & quot; on demand & quot; in Bologna . Let's talk about the company which deals with providing a & quot; mobile top-up & quot; service to electrical users. A service that is aimed essentially at all those who are short of energy and cannot reach a recharging point with the remaining autonomy.

Gi & agrave; available in Milan and Rome from 2019, & egrave; bookable via smartphone application. Request recharge & egrave; very simple. Through the application you will have to just select the place where the car is located and choose by when you want to receive the supply of energy. On site will arrive & agrave; then a van with integrated mobile charging point to which the car will be & agrave; connected. Recently, E-GAP also revised its rates .

The new plan provides for different costs depending on the energy required and the arrival times of the van from the booking on the App: from 90 minutes to 6 hours. The small recharge, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes with a maximum of energy supplied of 10kWh, costs 20 euros in the first case and 18 euros in the second, while the medium recharge, with a maximum duration of 45 minutes with a maximum of energy supplied of 20kWh , it costs 25 euros in the first case and 23 euros in the second. The third and last tariff, the large, lasting a maximum of 60 minutes with a maximum of energy supplied of 30kWh, has a cost of 30 euros for the arrival of the van within 90 minutes and 28 euros within 6 hours.


But the news are not finished as the company & agrave; also presented an ambitious three-year expansion plan which provides for investments of 200 million euros. The investments will serve to expand the mobile charging infrastructure, expand the product range and geographic presence. In addition, the plan also envisages bringing E-GAP's services abroad.

Pi & ugrave; specifically, the company announced that it envisages the opening of the on-demand top-up service in France and Spain by the end of the year, starting with Paris and Madrid. In 2022, the aim is also to land in Germany and the United Kingdom . The company plans, then, a further expansion in Europe, thus; to cover the main capitals of the Old Continent, as well as & eacute; the entry into the US market by the beginning of 2023.

In parallel, E-GAP is also working on an expansion of its fleet of vehicles used for the electric charging service on-demand. In particular, 100 new vehicles are expected by summer 2022, with the goal of reaching the quota of 500 vehicles for recharging by 2024. Finally, the company is also working to integrate the mobile charging offer with a series of off-grid charging solutions, including a first launch of ultrafast products already; in the first half & agrave; of 2022.

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