BMW eDrive Zones: now available in 138 cities? European. Here's how they work


The BMW eDrive Zones are now available in 138 cities & agrave; European. They are zones used for driving only with zero emissions , where the Plug-in vehicles of the German group automatically switch to a & quot; clean & quot; propulsion. and therefore 100% electric. In the last period, the BMW Group has introduced another 20 eDrive Zones in as many cities & agrave; European countries, including Copenhagen, Verona and Toulouse.

Ci & ograve; means that a total of 138 cities in Europe they are now benefiting from this pioneering technology for BMW but also for the Automotive market, which uses technology and automatic propulsion switching . The service should be rolled out in at least 30 other cities. worldwide in the next year.

In eDrive Zones, vehicles BMW Plug-in Hybrids automatically switch to mode; fully electric driving , at the entrance to urban centers, thus driving with zero emissions. The vehicle recognizes designated areas using the geofencing technology and built-in GPS and, if the batteries are charged, the propulsion change takes place automatically.

Drivers are rewarded with bonus points for each kilometer covered entirely electrically and with double points in a BMW eDrive Zone. These can then be redeemed and used as a top up credit . It should be noted that drivers also collect bonus points when charging their vehicle.

The last 20 cities & agrave; additions to the program were: Aberdeen, Bregenz, Brescia , Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Cork, Coventry, Florence , Klagenfurt, Lille, Matosinhos, Naples , Oeiras, Oxford, Sheffield, St. P & ouml; lten, Toulouse and Verona . The other cities Italians covered by the service are Milan, Rome and Turin.

In the last quarter alone, BMW Plug-in Hybrid models covered another 3.3 million kilometers in mode; electric driving within the eDrive zones. There & ograve; is equivalent to pi & ugrave; of 80 trips around the equator. BMW customers with Plug-In Hybrid cars have collected around 150 million points since the introduction of the first eDrive zones in summer 2020 which they redeemed for subsequent recharges of their batteries.

The German brand focuses heavily on electrified engines and propellers with dual core, thermal and electric, and in next year there will be & agrave; space for the market launch of the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. This will give start a large launch of new fifth generation BMW Plug-in Hybrids.

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