Valeo improves its LiDAR scanner: the ADAS will be more? efficient


Valeo, also present at CES 2020 with its self-driving transport, & egrave; a company & agrave; which deals with developing and studying the new driving assistance systems (ADAS) and today presented its new LiDAR technology , the remote sensing system that allows you to determine the distance of an object, or a surface, using a laser pulse.

Valeo's LiDAR & egrave; now in its third generation and & egrave; already set to make its market debut in 2024. According to the company, the new proprietary LiDAR technology offers significantly improved performance, and is; ready to transform mobility actually autonomous , while providing never-before-seen levels of road safety.

Geoffrey Bouquot , Valeo Senior Vice-President, R & amp; D and Strategy, stated:

Our third generation LiDAR represents an important technological advance towards the next reality; autonomous. The upgrade we implemented strengthens Valeo's technology and our industry leadership in the industry since we were the only supplier on the market capable of producing an automotive LiDAR scanner. Our number one goal with this device remains the same: saving lives on the road.


Valeo's 3rd Generation LiDAR offers improved performance in terms of range, resolution and frame rate. It is capable of reconstructing a 3D image in real time, even in the vicinity of the vehicle, at a fast speed; 4.5 million pixels and 25 frames per second. Compared to the previous generation, the resolution is; has been increased by 12 times, the range & egrave; now more than 3 times.

Valeo's new LiDAR technology promises to help the driver, improving the functions of all ADAS up to a speed; of 130 km/h. Therefore, even at speed; highly sustained, a vehicle equipped with third generation LiDAR scanning can autonomously manage various emergency situations. LiDAR scanning can adapt to all lighting conditions, whether you travel at night or during the day, not to mention that it can & ograve; work perfectly even in adverse weather conditions or in driving rain.

Valeo's LiDAR tracks nearby vehicles, even when they are no longer & ugrave; in the driver's field of vision and & egrave; capable of using algorithms to anticipate the trajectories of nearby vehicles and activate the necessary safety maneuvers. An interesting new feature & egrave; that allowed by communication via Cloud , with the LiDAR that will warn & agrave; other vehicles of the road hazards encountered on the way.

Valeo designs and manufactures the entire system, including the hardware, software and related artificial intelligence, the & quot; brain & quot; which combines the collected data and allows the vehicle to make the right decision instantly. Valeo & egrave; was the first company capable of producing an industrial-scale scanning LiDAR. It already has; produced over 150,000 units and supplies 99% of the cars equipped with LiDAR scanners worldwide.

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