Toyota T-Mate: here is the new name for Toyota driving assistance systems


Toyota focuses on driving safety using new technologies to preserve the ; safety of its passengers and to avoid accidents. This approach has produced a new generation of advanced driver assistance systems , otherwise known as ADAS.

Toyota has therefore announced the launch of the new ADAS suite called Toyota T-Mate . A name that encompasses all its safety trappings and ADAS with systems designed to improve safety in many driving situations, from parking to driving on urban roads and highways.

As mentioned before, Toyota uses the new technology consisting of sensors, radars and cameras to constantly monitor not only vehicle performance but also traffic and the surrounding environment, alerting the driver of potential hazards and, if necessary, activating the brake, steering and throttle control to help prevent or mitigate an accident.

Without forgetting the research and experimentation of the Japanese company that aims at automation and autonomous driving . T-Mate includes all the features of the Toyota Safety Sense improving it with other active driving systems and parking assistance.

The pre-collision system therefore offers for the first time: Acceleration Suppression (AS) – Reduction of driving force to low speed Oncoming Vehicle support (OVS) – Assistance to approaching traffic (with detection of vehicles invading the carriageway) Intersection support (IS) – Assistance at road intersections Other new TSS features include an Emergency Stop System (EDSS) and Over The Updates Air (OTA), which keep the functions updated and add new ones during the life of the model.

The new ADAS Toyota T-Mate suite will be & agrave; launched on the market on the occasion of the arrival of new models from the Japanese company .

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