The young Swedes want a clearer return


Published 25 November 2021 at 18.01

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats' youth union Ungsvenskarna believes that the mother party should more clearly be a driving force for return.

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Although SD has recently begun to address the issue of return, it has at the same time emphasized that the return should be “voluntary”.

The young Swedes believe that the mother party's line is unclear.

“There is no natural law that says that all the hundreds of thousands of people who have migrated to Sweden – often on dubious grounds and almost always after stopping in other safe countries on the way here – should be allowed to stay. On the contrary, the ambition should be that people to such an extent as possible return home “, writes the youth union's leading representative in a debate article in Svenska Dagbladet.

The youth union wants SD to pursue” the issue of establishing agreements with third countries, partly about general deportations but also to outsource the whole the Swedish asylum process – insofar as we will have one in the future “.

This is a policy that the Danish Social Democratic government is already pursuing. should be that not a single asylum seeker is received on Swedish soil and that Sweden receives a net return and a net return in line with an established national net goal “, writes Ungsvenskarna further.

Ungdomsförbundet also wants the party to work for” assimilation “rather than” integration “. According to SD's ideology, assimilation means that third world immigrants must “become Swedes”:

“The concept of integration is based on the idea that all parties in a society adapt to each other and is often associated with the ideas of multiculturalism. Against this background, it can not be emphasized enough that it is assimilation we as a party should demand within the framework of the integration policy debate “, writes Ungsvenskarna.