Renault completed the first test phase of EZ-FLEX. The focus is on delivery services


The growth of ecommerce is making more and more; important is the aspect of logistics and, in particular, the management of things; said last mile deliveries . It is about activities; taking place within cities. To make them more simpler and more; sustainable from an environmental point of view, the Groupe Renault has been carrying out an experimentation in France since 2019 with a series of partners to better understand the needs and expectations of users, cities and towns. and local authorities in this area.

The center of gravity of this project is EZ-FLEX, a compact 100% electric vehicle designed to facilitate access for delivery workers in city centers. These vehicles have been equipped with various sensors to collect geolocation data, mileage, range, door opening, speed; and stops.


During the experimentation phase, various cabin arrangements were also tested, always with the aim of making it more efficient. simple and safe use of the vehicle. The tests and the comparison with the partners will help Mobilize, a division that deals with mobility services, to define Mobilize Hippo , the vehicle that will be & agrave; proposed for last mile deliveries.

Furthermore, in the second test phase, Mobilize will be able to & agrave; work to define future offers for professional operators , offers that will combine the services with the best vehicles; specifically suited for last mile deliveries.

Field trials allow us to understand the real needs of customers. The information we collect in this way from our partners allow us to offer our future customers a perfectly adequate offer, in terms of vehicles, but also of associated services.

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